Cinnamon Spice Box (Havdalah)


Hand made in Vietnam entirely from cinnamon bark, these boxes are traditionally used to store and keep loose tea fresh, or as gift boxes. The fragrance of cinnamon has numerous beneficial properties: let the soothing, pleasant, warm, and strong fragrance of cinnamon create an aura of peace and quiet around you.  Comes with an extra cinammon stick. Perfect as a spice box for havdalah.

By purchasing this fair trade cinnamon box, you are helping the artisans earn a fair wage for their crafts which helps them support their families, provide education for their children, and improve their life. The Cassia or cinnamon trees that are used to produce these boxes are a renewable resource and sustainably harvested.

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Materials: cinnamon bark

Size: 2 7/8″ diam x 3 1/8″

Fair trade