Jewish Wedding Gifts

No more joyous event than a Jewish wedding, which is full of deep meaning to symbolize the beauty of the relationship that exists between husband and wife. Whether it is a creation to hold the broken shards, a kiddush cup to be used at the ceremony or beyond, a mezuzah case for the doorpost of their new home, or a piece of art celebrating their simcha, this is the place to find inspiration for that perfect wedding gift for a new Jewish couple!

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  • Wedding Ring Wine Cup

  • Green Serving Bowl

  • Pomegranate Tray – Large

  • Large Turquoise Tray

  • Shema Series Round Stone Mezuzah Case – Small

  • Wine Fountain by Nadav – 8 cups

  • Tallit Mezuzah Case – Blues

  • Farm-Gathered 8″ Bowlder

  • Harlequin Tea Light Candle Holder

  • Baroque Menorah

  • Saturn Encircling Words Mezuzah Case