Bar and Bat Mitzvah Gifts

According to Jewish law (halacha), when Jewish children reach the age of 13 (12 for girls in some denominations), they become B’nai Mitzvah, a person obligated to keep the commandments as an adult. Although no ceremony is required, a b’nai mitzvah celebration has become the ultimate coming of age ceremony for Jewish youth — and for adults who had no ceremony when they were young. Shop our selection of ethically sourced and fair trade bar mitzvah gifts.

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  • Sterling Silver Yad Spiral (Torah Pointer)

  • Ceramic Cups – Miriam, Elijah, Kiddush

  • Jacob’s Ladder Tzedakah Box

  • Children of Israel Tzedakah Box

  • White Mother of Pearl and Sterling Silver Yad (Torah Pointer)

  • Abalone and Sterling Silver Yad (Torah Pointer)

  • Tzedakah Box Wheat SemiCircles

    Wood and Straw 2 Moons Tzedakah Box

  • Israel Museum Yad (Torah Pointer)

  • Cubic Zirconia and Sterling Star of David Necklace

  • Sterling Sliver Star of David Necklace with Shema

  • Sterling Silver Yad Pomegranates (Torah Pointer)

  • Whimsical Blue Caterpillar Menorah

  • Whimsical Gold Caterpillar Menorah

  • Metal and Leather Bracelet: Live Love Cook

  • Silver Crown Tallit Clips

  • Whimsical Red Caterpillar Menorah

  • Blue Mother of Pearl and Sterling Silver Yad (Torah Pointer)

  • Bronze Shell and Sterling Silver Yad (Torah Pointer)

  • Pewter Frumma Tzedakah Box Handcrafted by Artisan Joy Stember

    Frumma Tzedakah Box

  • Tzedakah Box Wheat Right Squiggle

    Wood and Straw Squiggle Tzedakah Box

  • Cufflinks – Silver Filigree

  • Floral Metal and Fused Glass Candle Holder

  • Dog Tag Necklace

  • Cuff Yad (Torah Pointer)