Sharing the Aesthetic Sense of Our Community

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Village Women in Kisoro
By Karen Akst Schecter

Celebrate International Women’s Day by Supporting Women Artisans All Over the Globe

With the right tools a woman's potential is limitless: ensuring a woman's independence through income generating projects.

Celebrate International Women’s Day by supporting women artisans all over the world: your purchases help women help themselves and their families, giving them independence and control over their own lives. Aside from the many women artists we showcase from all over the US, we feature goods for your soul hand crafted by women artisans all... READ MORE >

By Karen Akst Schecter

Shopping for Good: Together We Make a Difference

Making a Difference in the Lives of Artisans Throughout the World

Thank you for joining with us to grow the Aesthetic Sense community and make a difference in the lives of artisans all over the world. We’re grateful for your support in our mission to provide cool, handmade artisanal crafts, gifts, whimsy and Judaica that is all fairly traded with a social conscience. Rather than plastic... READ MORE >

Grand Opening Celebration

Giving Back: Why We Do What We Do

Supporting Two amazing Endeavors: Birthday Angels, and The Boys and Girls Club of Northern Westchester

As we approach our official Grand Opening celebration, we want to talk plainly about our business, our goals, and our promise. Karen and I are certainly no “spring chickens,” but all jokes aside, with that comes a significant advantage: we can draw from our observations and experiences to establish a business that, we hope, can... READ MORE >

By Karen Akst Schecter

Women & Tallit: Taking the Plunge

My Personal Journey to Donning, and Loving, My Prayer Shawl

As a woman of a certain generation, the journey to wearing a tallit was an emotionally turbulent one. So much of the decision was fraught with emotional baggage, and it took years to shed the misplaced emotions, to marry the intellect with the heart. Growing up, we were a traditional Jewish family with a varied... READ MORE >

By Karen Akst Schecter

Ethical Sourcing: The Roots of Charity

The Who, What, and Why of the Fair Trade and Ethical Sourcing Movements

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. This ancient proverb has variously been attributed to Maimonides, ancient Chinese philosophers, and to a mid 19th Century British author. Tzedek tzedek tirdof: Thou shall pursue justice. This phrase is a... READ MORE >